Perfectly imperfect

I watched a Sophia Bush interview today (link below). It was as uplifting and inspiring as you could expect from this brilliant woman I call my role model. However, there is one sentence that stood out from her speech and I wanted to share it with you.

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The moments I feel most alive

I went to a concert tonight.

I don’t know if it’s just me being having my head in the clouds, but there is something magical about a concert experience.

When the lights go out and the first note echoes into the room, the rest of my life is put on hold. All my worries and fears fade away. I feel invincible. I get completely lost in the music, carried away by the vibrant energy of thousands of people singing along.

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Does this darkness have a name?

I once had a friend named Katie. She was beautiful. She was the light, and then she became darkness.

It was a Sunday. We got the news that she had been in a car accident. She didn’t make it. We cried. They found a letter. It wasn’t an accident.

The darkness had got her. The voice in her head, the pain in her heart. It won.

Does this darkness have a name? The one that’s haunting and blinding so many of us from seeing the greatness in life.

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