The moments I feel most alive

I went to a concert tonight.

I don’t know if it’s just me being having my head in the clouds, but there is something magical about a concert experience.

When the lights go out and the first note echoes into the room, the rest of my life is put on hold. All my worries and fears fade away. I feel invincible. I get completely lost in the music, carried away by the vibrant energy of thousands of people singing along.

The room might be crowded with strangers, but it feels like home, like somewhere I belong. Somewhere I can be myself, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

These are the moments I feel most alive, like I’m part of something bigger than everything else I know.

I think this feeling is universal regardless of the concert you’re seeing. Because music knows no barriers, and reaches the core of who you are.

I don’t quite understand how, I just feel it and it’s beautiful.

Photo credits to Adam Elmakias


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