Two Years

For you, my friend

Today it makes two years since I last saw you. That’s 24 months, 104 weeks, 730 days. I was surprised to hear it had been that long. I was so busy that I didn’t see the time go by. A lot can happen in two years, you know? For example, I started and then graduated college, got my first job, played my first concert, turned 18 while one of my dreams came true, made new friends, lost others, met my two biggest role models, started this blog, and the list could go on.

However, there is one thing that didn’t happen. I didn’t forget about you, about us, and all that we went through.

Actually, I think about you every now and then. I know things aren’t always easy for you. But I also know you better than anybody else and no matter what you think, I love you. You’re important, your story is important, so here’s something I want you to hear. 

There’s nothing – and I mean, nothing – life throws at you that you cannot handle. You are not just a survivor. You are a warrior. You have an entire army behind you; friends, family, people who care and are here to fight with you. But remember they are here to fight with you, not for you.

So no matter what happens, don’t give up. Because if you stop fighting, you already lost.

Picture at the top taken by Ashley Lazer


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