I stand with Alexis

I’m writing these words right now and I’m angry, hurt and disgusted.

Alexis Jones, someone I deeply respect and admire, has been sexually harassed a few days ago and she posted the story on her Instagram, right here. If you want to understand my anger, just look at how harsh some of the comments are.

A woman was brave enough to speak up about the harassment us girls face nearly everyday and in return, people are calling her a liar, saying she made it all up either for money or attention. I’m not saying that false accusations don’t happen because they do (and that’s a whole other story), but can we at least give a girl the benefit of the doubt? Can we at least treat her with decency and respect? If it were just one or two hateful individuals, I wouldn’t make a big deal of it. But no. Alexis is being targeted, bullied, threatened by hundreds of people who choose to stand with the alleged offenders rather than with the victim… It makes me sick.

If I didn’t believe rape culture was a thing before, I definitely do now. It’s flagrant. It has become the norm to tolerate sexual harassment of women so much that when one decides to raise her voice, she is blamed for it. It’s wrong and needs to change.

Ironically, if there is one person I trust to be the game-changer, it’s Alexis. Actually, she already is doing so much with ProtectHer, and I AM THAT GIRL also. One thing I have learned from this organization is that we’re all in this together. We must have each other’s back. Alexis is one of us, she’s a human being with a heart and she doesn’t deserve the backlash and hate she is getting right now. Nobody does.

Don’t worry Lex, we stand with you. xx


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