Summer is…

100 days have passed since my last blog post on N&D. I apologize to all the fans who were dying to read more from me… Just kidding. That would only be you, Anna.

I think 3 reasons explain my little blogging hiatus. First, my monthly contributions to IATG already take a lot of my writing time. I at least hope you enjoy reading those as well. Second, I’m just a lazy ass writer and third, it is summer. Summer is my favourite time of the year, for obvious reasons. Getting off school means I don’t have to stick to a routine anymore, but without that routine, I find it really hard to sit down and write.

Instead of letting this season be an excuse for not writing, I decided to use it as inspiration. I took the laptop with me, sat down by the pool and started thinking about why I love summer so much. Writing my 365 reasons to smile journal (who btw is 183 days in and still going strong) has trained me to find joy in the little things, so they become the big things. I find that’s what summer is all about.


Summer is singing your heart out during roadtrips with your best friends.

It’s camping trips and nights around the campfire, eating s’mores.

It’s bikini weather, swimming pools and beach days.


Summer is gigs and festivals and the excitement of seeing your favourite band.

It’s making new friends and reuniting with old friends.

It’s the sweet, refreshing taste of popsicles and ice cream.


Summer is longer days, sunsets, sunrises and clouds that look like cotton candy.

It’s feeling the sun on your skin and wind in your hair.

It’s brighter colours, warmer days and better stories.


Summer is the freedom of not having responsibilities other than your own well-being.

It’s having 3 months to make your wildest dreams and crazy adventures come true.

It’s feeling like everyday’s a party, because you decide to make it one.


Summer is my favourite time of the year.

Photo creds: Falardeau Photographie


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