Redefining Beauty

Months ago, when Sophia Bush and EcoTools teamed up to launch the #MyTrueBeauty campaign, my timeline started filling up with messages of self-love, admiration and empowerment. I was so moved by everyone’s story, I wanted to get involved. I asked my friends and followers on twitter to answer this simple yet profound question: what makes YOU beautiful?

Your confessions were all so beautiful but I didn’t really know what to do with them, so I just wrote everything down in a draft that I completely forgot about, until now. I figured I should just share them here.

“I think my heart makes me beautiful”

“I would say my brain”

“Inner confidence, believing I can do everything I want, friends who give me love, books who make me smart”

“I think my kindness, strength, and my heart”

“The ways in which I am unique and different from others” 

“My personality and my heart”

“My empathy”

“My friends make me beautiful. They help me realize my worth.”

“The way I love and the things that set me apart from others”

“I’m a really good listener, I love to make people laugh and I believe that my voice matters”

“The little things that make me stand out from other people and showing off my intelligence”

“I have a giving heart”

“My intelligence, humor, and caring heart. Also my smile”

“I’m very happy and my smile shines all the time” 

“No matter my day, no matter how I’m feeling, I’ll ALWAYS have time to shine a light on those who need it” 

“I am beautiful because I can care less what the haters think of me!” 

“My smile and laugh when I’m genuinely happy” 

“I have my smile back that’s been hiding for so long!”

“I am loyal”

“My passion for trying to help the world and everyone in it” 

“My smile, my laugh, and the way I could care less what people think of me”

“My smile and my love for God and Jesus and people”

“When I am genuinely happy and smiling! And trying to see the good in others and myself”

“My brain, my smile, who I am inside”            “Smiling”

“My ability to open my mind and soul to so many people and possibilities”

Writing about beauty is not easy, because everyone has a different definition of what it is. Merriam-Webster defines beauty as “the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.” I love that it says to the senses or the mind, and not just to the eyes. True beauty isn’t only a matter of appearance, and you all seem to agree with this statement. I was so pleased when I noticed that of all the answers you sent, none were physical characteristics (except smiling, but in my opinion, the beauty of a smile is in the story it tells.) When your mind, your heart and your soul are beautyFULL, a pretty face is just a nice accessory.

Writing this article has made me realize something important; beauty is unlimited. That means someone else’s beauty doesn’t take anything away from you. Thus, one of my favourite quotes of all time goes “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” So go ahead, bloom. Glow. And let all of your astounding beauty shine for the world to see!

Special thanks to Sandy, Khanyi, Ness, Emily, Brittany, Soph, Angela, Courtney, Cat, Sanaa, Leah, Maddison, Beth, Dunni, Amelia, Emma, Jordan, Ellie, Jazz, Alyssa, Caitlyn, Jess, Tori, Jenifer and Tessa for sharing their views on beauty with me.


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