Your art matters

A collection of the best words I got on this blog,
to remind myself that my art matters.

“Literally blown away. That is the best thing I’ve read”

“Your blog is amazing and beautiful and great and phenomenal and keep it up, I think it’s a fantastic thing you’re doing”

“Your writing is amazing and it’s so honest and emotional, I really love it”

“It’s so inspiring and uplifting and I’m sure it will help out anyone who gets a chance to read it”

“This is exactly how I feel but I have never been able to explain it like you. Thank you”

“You impact more people than you think”

“I needed to read something like this. Bless”

“Your amazing and magical posts are worth waiting for”

“I am crying. Your words are strong… such a great writer”

“Thank you for gifting us with words that make us feel like we are not alone”


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